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(C) 2014 Masami Kurumada / "Saint Seiya LEGEND of SANCTUARY"
Production Committee | We can reproduce three kinds of head of non-wearing, mask wearing, full face mask, and cries face parts which is most suitable for action pose are attached. In addition, bow and arrow parts are also included. The feather parts that are the feature of Sagittarius Saint Cloth open and close, and various actions can be reproduced by joints charged in various places. Saint Cloth reproduces the texture with plating coloring. We also use clear parts. Using metal materials in all parts of the cloak to reproduce the sense of weight. [Set contents] Body, bow and arrow parts, mask, cry face parts, parts for full face mask reproduction, replacement wrist left and right two each, mask for bangs and back hair (from Discovery
Weight: 531
Dimension: 7.6 x 16.5 x 19 cm
526 g
Model Number: BAN 83134

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★★★★☆ Very satisfied. You are cool
Post date : 7/06/2019
Google Translation Translated by Google
Very satisfied. You are cool
We are satisfied with decorating. so cool. The price is reasonable and good. I want to align.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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★★★★☆ The beauty of the wings is amazing.
Post date : 11/05/2019
Google Translation Translated by Google
The beauty of the wings is amazing.
Aiolos that appeared in the movie LEGEND OF SANCTUARY. Anyway, the wings are beautiful and the design is wonderful. When the wings are deployed to their maximum, the wings expand almost twice as large as the body, and it is full of volume and force! In addition, there is no problem in self-supporting even if the wings are deployed like that. (The hip joint feels somewhat loose.) The movable area is not as good as the Cloth Myth EX, but it moves well. However, because the armor in front of the waist interferes when trying to raise the thigh, the negative point was that I could not take a pose that bent down greatly. And as with the previous Gemini, this series is not playful. Because it is a figure development tailored to the movie, I want parts and items to reproduce the movie scene! In particular, the movie Aioros had only a scene to protect the baby Athena, so I wanted you to attach a case (?) That protected that Athena and a Cloth Box (like a metal plate). However, since it is still very satisfied with the product, it is a sweet evaluation. I personally like this series so much, I would like other golden saints to line up, but it will be difficult. I wanted to see the commercialized items of Aioria and Miro!

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
映画LEGEND OF SANCTUARY に登場したアイオロスです。とにかく翼が綺麗で、模様の作りこみが素晴らしい。 翼を最大まで展開させると、素体の倍近く大きく羽が広がってボリュームと迫力たっぷりです! また、そのように翼を展開させても自立に問題がありません。(股関節は多少緩い気はします) 可動領域も聖衣神話EXほどではないですが、よく動きます。 ただ、太ももを上げようとすると腰の前アーマーが干渉してしまうので、 大きく屈むようなポーズは取れなかったのがマイナス点です。 あと前回のジェミニのときもそうですが、このシリーズは遊び心が足りないです。 せっかく映画に合わせたフィギュア展開なのだから、映画のシーンを再現するためのパーツやアイテムが欲しい! 特に映画のアイオロスは赤子のアテナを守るシーンしかなかったので、 あのアテナを保護していたケース(?)や聖衣ボックス(金属板みたいなもの)を付属してほしかったですね。 しかし、それでも商品には大満足しているので甘めの評価です。 個人的にはこのシリーズとても気に入っているので、ほかの黄金聖闘士もラインナップして欲しいのですが、難しいでしょうね。 アイオリアやミロの商品化したモノも見たかった!

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★★★★★ good!
Post date : 23/03/2019
Google Translation Translated by Google
Very good, I like the product come back soon to recommend everyone who buys and shop!

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
good !

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★★★★★ The result is good
Post date : 4/01/2019
Google Translation Translated by Google
The result is good
I can't take off the Cloth, but I've made everything fine and it's a good figure. We purchased in medieval times, but think that we may not be able to get yuan if it is not the amount of money while feeling that it is a little high if it is list price.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

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Saint Seiya

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